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14 Days Before Session

The Bonusball Bingo session entry window opens a minimum of 2 weeks (14 days) before the scheduled Saturday start date. Simply visit the website and join the next session by registering your line(s), alternatively if you selected AutoPLAY your line(s) will be reselected and reordered for you. Confirmation of your entry and notification of payments to be processed will be sent.

New sessions and the applicable entry window dates will be publicised on the Facebook group as well as through email to Members.

Each line consists of 4 Bonusball selections and requires a Prizefund contribution of £20.

100% of this contribution will be added to the Prizefund total.


48 Hours Before Session

A reminder email will be sent to all participants where registered line contributions have not been paid. All Direct Debit payments for AutoPLAY lines should now have been received.

Should you wish to change your payment method from Direct Debit to XRP or vice versa, please cancel your current order and create a new one selecting the updated payment method. We strive to give our Members flexibility and a choice of payment options when entering our competitions.


120 Minutes Before Session

Just 120 minutes before the scheduled first UK Lotto Saturday draw (20:00hrs) the entry window will close. It is at this point that any unpaid Bingo lines will be removed from the Session Entries table and the Session will be locked and live.

You could perhaps consider the process an ‘Unpaid Purge‘; it’s a shame but there has to be a cut-off point for the Prizefund to be calculated correctly and the Session to start!

From this point on all Live Line(s) will be in play and marked appropriately against the UK Lotto bonusballs drawn every Saturday and Wednesday after the session starts.


Bingo Session LIVE

The ‘Session Entries’ table will show only Live Lines. From this first Saturday draw of the UK Lotto, all Bonusballs drawn twice weekly will be matched against the Live Lines automatically. If you have selected a drawn Bonusball, your line will reflect that match.

Remember to check your line(s) on the table and ensure that your numbers have been correctly marked as drawn. Let us know if you spot a problem.

Once all Bonusball selections on a line have been drawn the Session will close, within a few hours the winner(s) will be announced along with the next Session date. The Prizefund will be claimable after this point.

Sessions run a minimum of 14 days apart to allow for re-entries and new entries to be made. As the Community grows this window will lessen from 14 to 10 and finally to just one week!


7 Day Prizefund Payout

Within 7 days from the deciding UK Lotto draw the full (100%) Prizefund will be paid out to the lucky winner or winners.

If you are a lucky Bonusball Bingo winner you will need to claim your win by visiting the My Account page on a computer or tablet. There you will find a Claim Prizefund form asking you to verify certain information in order for us to send you your winnings.

Please complete the form accurately submitting the required documentary evidence. We will then process the payment of the Prizefund directly to your bank account.


Last Bonusball

Current Prizefund



Last Bonusball

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Bonusball Bingo

  • Simply choose 4 bonus balls; once the contest has commenced your correctly predicted drawn bonusballs from the UK Lotto will be marked as such.
  • Lines are marked as paid once the entry fee has been received and verified.
  • Any outstanding lines will be cancelled prior to the contest starting.
  • The contest closes when an entrant matches successfully all 4 bonusballs on a single live line.
  • Choose and match 4 Bonusballs to win the Prizefund! (Prizefund is 100% of all entry fees)
  • No instant win prizes are available in the Bonusball Bingo event as they are sometimes in the Single contests.

BonusBALL is fully automated. It runs on scripts to update and verify data. It may take up to an hour for the Live Lines data and Bingo stats throughout the site to be updated. A line registration should show within minutes especially if paid using a credit or debit card at the time of selection. Once paid, a pending line will be marked as such, however; there will again be another short delay until that is visible if paid after initial registration.

The time to update may reduce as we build the Community and improve the system.

Currently BonusBALL works with 3rd party data providers and manipulators. Errors in feeds from UK Lotto HQ or delays from Google Sheet publishers may cause problems displaying accurate information on the website.

We are striving to find better solutions in the speed and accuracy of data supplied, along with improving our caching services, however; from time to time, glitches may occur.

Either the stats will reflect the correct amount of pending/live lines and prizefund balance or they will show zero. In any case, if this happens, try to refresh the page or check back after 5 minutes. The issue should be resolved. Please let us know if the website shows an incorrect total or nothing at all for an extended period of time.

It most certainly is. Every line registered for the Bonusball Bingo session requires an entry contribution of £20 per line. Direct Debit payments reach the Prizefund when processed. Manual XRP payments will be reconciled and added to the Prizefund.

The small processing fee for the security and convenience of paying via Direct Debit is requested in addition to the £20 to ensure the entire contribution is added to the Prizefund. Hence 100%.

Prizefund payments to the winning entrant(s) leave the BonusBALL Bank account via BACS within 7 days of the session’s winner(s) being verified.

Obviously the Prizefund directly reflects the number of ‘Paid’ Bingo Lines. The Prizefund total is displayed on the landing page and Bingo page and is updated within minutes of a Line being marked as paid.

The Next/Current Session Entries table displays all pending and active line selections along with the Entrants name. In an active session where entries are locked, all Bonusballs drawn every Saturday and Wednesday from the Session Start date will automatically be highlighted within the table.

You can monitor the Session Entries table yourself ensuring that the Bonusball drawn is correctly highlighted on your row. There is a separate table at the foot of the Bingo page titled ‘One Left’.

Once a live line has only one number remaining it will appear within this table. This is the final Leaderboard where entrants should be on the edge of their seats at each subsequent draw!

Don’t worry if you still have all four of your numbers remaining when you see an entrant on this Leaderboard. You could have all four of your Bonusballs drawn before he or she matches their last! The UK Lotto is a totally random outcome; that’s why we rely on its impartiality.

In addition to this all entrants to a Bingo Session will receive a notification email once Winner(s) have been verified.

Firstly, Congratulations!

Bingo Prizefund winners must send a completed Claim form to us within 7 days of the session ending. The Lucky Bingo winner(s) can access the claim form from the My Account page viewing it on a Computer or Tablet.

We require all of the information asked for on the Claim form including the idetification documents to ensure we don’t send the Prizefund to the wrong bank account by mistake.