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  • Simply choose 6 Lotto balls; once the contest has commenced your correctly predicted drawn balls from the UK Lotto main balls will be marked as such.
  • The Bonusball is NOT counted for the purposes of the SixPix Competition.
  • Lines are marked as paid once the entry fee has been received and verified.
  • Any outstanding lines will be cancelled prior to the contest starting.
  • The contest closes when an entrant matches successfully all 6 Lotto balls on a single live line.
  • Choose and match 6 Lotto balls to win the Prizefund! (The prizefund is 100% of all entry fees)
  • No instant win prizes are available in the SixPix event as they are sometimes in the Single contests.
  • All terms and conditions associated with Bonusball Bingo also apply to SixPix!
  • Remember to activate AutoPLAY at checkout to ensure that you never miss a session.


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