Prize Suggestions

Do you have any ideas on products, services or perks that we can offer as a Prize in a Single Contest?

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Single Contests

It’s easy, just choose one Bonusball number in a Singles Contest for a chance to win the Product, Service or Perk.

Once all 59 numbers have been selected and payments verified the very next Saturday Night UK Lotto draw shall determine the lucky winner! You will be notified when the contest has closed. Winners will be notified on the same day as the deciding draw.

Within the Singles Contest there may be one or more Hidden Instant Win prizes. If there are they will be detailed at the top of the contest page. The prizes themselves could be anything from products or vouchers to days out or value in BonusBUX.

You can win one of these prizes simply by selecting a ‘Lucky’ Bonusball. You will win an instant win prize ‘in addition’ to being entered into the contest for the main Prize. Choose wisely, there could be a hidden prize under ANY of the 59 Bonusballs.

Good Luck!

We will be in touch to verify some details including your address so we can send your Prize directly to you. It may be that some prizes are awarded over email. You will need to verify your email address for us to send digital Prizes.

Some prizes may need additional input from the lucky winner if they are customised or personalised. This could delay the award of prizes in this genre however; we endeavour to issue prizes to winners within 48hours; so you should have your Prize within 7 days of the deciding UK Lotto draw.

Yes, you may opt to have a cash alternative to the Singles Contest main Prize.

We do however, discourage this practice; as it is not in the interest of the game. Each Prize has an implied value, that value denotes the entry cost per number for a Member to join the contest.

As a cash alternative BonusBALL can offer a 90% return with the remaining 10% donated by you to the Hidden Instant Win prize account. The 10% will be awarded back to the Community in way of additional instant win prizes within Singles Contests and not kept by BonusBALL.

Only the main Prize qualifies for a cash alternative offer.